• Versatile Shelves

    Shelves versatile racking system is widely used and commonly used for warehousing and other wear texture parameters guarantees as required to optimize every feature of shelves.

    Versatile Shelves

    Versatile shelves are designed based on the specifications requested by the client, you can refer to, choose racking according to the structure and to reduce the load on the other Daon (if demand storage similar), or make other appropriate criteria for use and storage in their enterprise.

    Versatile Shelves


    Shelf structure:
    - High 2000mm x 2400mm x Width 570mm long.
    - Legs punching cylinder V shape.
    - Corrugated Roll Wheels edge thickness (thickness depending requirements and technical factors).
    - 3 cabins with 4 floors (no more or less cavity floor and designed upon request).
    - The gap between the floor 630mm or flexible resizing.
    - Eke bracing shelf brackets in the 1st and last floor.
    - Assemble the shelves with real detail versatile.
    - Load requirements 35kg / floor (design load on request).
    - The plastic foot soles prevent contact medium-skid shelf floor, ground floor scratches.


    Versatile Shelves

    Features of shelves:
    - Import of goods fast and convenient.
    - Assemble simple, change the size of the cavity floor easily.
    - Store multiple types of goods.
    - Optimal storage area.
    - Spray powder coated on request with available colors: blue, orange, white, gray.
    - To minimize rust, corrosion, peeling due to internal and external impacts.
    - 7 year warranty.


    Versatile Shelves

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